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If you are torn between the structural soundness of aluminum windows and the warmth &   beauty of wood windows, consider the Optimum Plus Series from Repla Hybrid Windows and Doors Inc. These true hybrid windows are engineered to give you the best of both worlds with all of the comfort and convenience you would expect from newer, modern windows. The Optimum Plus Series has many proprietary, patent pending features such as indestructible sash corners, improved rain screening and water management and a venting design that allows for zero water accumulation. The design and colour options of hybrid windows are virtually unlimited allowing you to suit any taste. The Optimum Plus Series of hybrid windows are definitely an investment in quality, style and functionality that will pay off for many years to come.

Today, we expect windows to do much more than just look beautiful, they must perform as well. Our engineers have designed a series of windows called the OPTIMUM PLUS Series that do both exceptionally well. To ensure our windows perform to your expectations, we use our own in-house testing facility to verify that products are made as per highest requirements of NAFS, CSA-A440 and AAMA specifications for air, water infiltration and structural integrity.

We have called this the OPTIMUM PLUS Series because it delivers the optimum level of performance, value and appearance. Our use of wood, vinyl and aluminum combines the best window materials into a hybrid window of no equal. Enjoy the integration of these materials and create the warmth of wood on the interior of your home while having the benefits of a strong and maintenance-free aluminum exterior. Windows are an important investment, so when you choose our OPTIMUM PLUS Series, you’ll invest in Quality that Lasts a Lifetime.   People who know the value of quality materials, craftmanship, design and performance specify the OPTIMUM PLUS Series by name. They won’t compromise. NOR WILL WE.

What is so special about our OPTIMUM PLUS Series Hybrid Windows?

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